Teen Crossings

Services for Teens & Tweens

Our Library doesn't just mean books for teens and tweens. It also means resources for education, fun events for hanging out with friends, and quiet places for study. Twinsburg Library offers a lot to teens and tweens, such as:

  • After school programs where young adults can play video games or participate in book clubs. For a complete listing of events for this age group, see our Event Calendar.
  • 6 Computers are available in TeenCrossings. Teens and tweens get priority use for these computers from 2PM - 6PM everyday. Each computer has Internet access and Microsoft Office.
  • Access to eBooks, audiobooks, and movies ONLINE offered from: Overdrive, Hoopla, and more.
  • You can also view our Events Flyer for information about current goings-on at the Library.